This page is for you to created weapons, tools and workshops or other stuff which relates to Pirates Ahoy! Any fanmade artwork outside this page will not be accepted. Everything in this page should not be thought as real, except for some existing items in Pirates Ahoy!

If you use someone's fan art, you should ask him or her permission before posting any picture's details on this page. You must also ask for permission from the creator before posting any fan art names and pictures onto other pages but not in Pirates Ahoy! Wiki.

Rules about Fan Art:

  • Use gallery in this fan art and do not pick slideshow.
  • Suggested using caption to describe your picture.
  • Type your username first then your gallery. Your username must be in Heading 2.
  • For Example: XXX's Fan Art.
  • Do not post fan arts which is not related to this page.
  • Pictures Layout Rules:
    • Must not post pictures.
    • Must be related to Pirates Ahoy!
    • No repeating or rubbish pictures.
    • No sexual or obscene photos be posted.
    • No foul language is posted on the picture. EVEN YOUR CAPTION!!!!!
    • No drugs.
    • No bloody violence and violence which is not belong to Pirates Ahoy!
    • Must be friendly all the times. No bullying or rude words and pictures be seen.
    • Must not delete fan art pictures.
    • Only post legal photos. No copyrighted photo allowed if no permission.